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In Canonical-sponsored free software projects (where Canonical is the copyright holder), we ask contributors to send us a contributor agreement form by email. This protects ourselves and the project, by maintaining a consistent legal status for the project's code.

In the agreement, the contributor assigns copyright to Canonical, and Canonical simultaneously grants the contributor a very broad license back, so that the contributor retains full rights to re-use, distribute, and continue modifying the contributed code.

We've tried to keep the agreement as simple and comprehensible as possible. It's one page long and should be easy to understand:

How to submit it by email:

  1. Attach the Contributor Agreement PDF to an email. The body of the email should state: "I accept the Canonical Contributor Agreement attached." At the end of the email, please type your full name.
  2. Send the email to and Cc to

Thank you. If you have any questions, please send them to the appropriate coordinator below.

See ["/Signed"] for current signatories.

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