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== Wireless - How to Set up a Wireless Network in Linux ==


To set up a '''[[http://www.wirelessbroadband.com.au/|Wireless]]''' network in linux you must plug your computer and the '''wireless''' router you must plug the socket and share Internet, then plug it to your Internet cable into your PC. Then go to your browser and type the address, then set your'''wireless broadband''' adapter into your hardware determine and interface the linux windows driver then save it into your PC hardware that cannot be detected to any connections field.


When the'''[[http://www.wirelessbroadband.com.au/|Wireless]]''' connection device function, you'll need to install the proper driver and loaded. Connect to the '''Wireless '''router and configure it the IP address, when they detect it make sure that your card installation are running and modules are like drivers. The '''broadband communications''' are been secured and to be finish installed and it must also a fastest connection into your computer and laptop.