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This is a list of stanzas that can be used in a job file, how can it be used (syntax, arguments) and why using it (what it does, with an example).

This page corresponds to upstart 0.5.1.

See also Stanzas for 0.3.9

For stanzas without notes, try looking at the 0.3.9 notes.

I have used the {X} icon to show guesses.

This list is believed to be complete.

  • author
  • chdir
  • chroot
  • console
  • description
  • emits
  • env
  • exec
  • expect
  • export
  • instance
  • kill
  • limit
    • First required parameter may be one of the following: as core cpu data fsize memlock msgqueue nice nofile nproc rss rtprio sigpending stack
    • Second required parameter may be either integer (?don't know if can be signed?), or the keyword "unlimited".
    • {X} Possibly similar to ulimit command.

  • nice
    • First required parameter is an integer from -20 to 19 (inclusive)
    • {X} Believed to set the "nicety" of the daemon when it runs.

    • {X} High numbers = low priority; low numbers=high priority.

    • {X} See man nice?

    • {X} Default 0?

  • normal exit
    • Used to describe what is a successful resultcode.
  • oom
    • {X} Possibly something to do with "out of memory"? Perhaps, when the box runs out of memory, this controls if upstart should kill it and/or when?

    • Takes an integer parameter from -17 to 15, or the keyword "never" which is the same as -17.
    • {X} Don't know if it works without a parameter

  • post-start
  • post-stop
  • pre-start
  • pre-stop
  • respawn
  • script
  • session leader
  • start
  • stop
  • task
  • umask
  • version

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