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Please check the status of this specification in Launchpad before editing it. If it is Approved, contact the Assignee or another knowledgeable person before making changes.


Currently when you boot the system using Upstart, every job file is taken into account. This specification proposes a "profiles" system which allows you to specify exactly which files to take into account in a profile.


Sysvinit currently has a runlevel system. This would be a way of replacing it.

Use cases

  • A configuration GUI for Upstart would require a system like this to allow services to be enabled and disabled
  • If the user wants to boot into what sysvinit calls single-user mode, they will want a minimal system with nothing unnecessary running. Creating a single user profile would allow this to be done


The scope of this proposal is limited to the part of Upstart that monitors the event.d directory and parses the files.


  • Profiles would be defined in files under /etc/init/profiles.d
  • Profiles are in a simple '(enable|disable) <jobname>' format. A star for job-name indicates every job

  • If no value for '*' is explicitly defined, it would default to enabled.
  • Specifically named entries would take priority over the star value. In this example every job file would be taken into account apart from apache.
    • # This line isn't really needed, see the above point
      enable *
      disable apache
  • Unless specified on the kernel command line (see below), the profile used when the system starts would be the 'default' profile. If the default profile doesn't exist under /etc/init/profiles.d, every job file would be taken into account.
  • The profile can be overridden at boot-time by specifying an argument on the kernel command line. This kernel command line would tell Upstart to use the noserver profile
    • ro root=/dev/hda2 noserver
  • Profiles would be changeable at runtime with initctl, as shown below:
    • $ initctl profile nonetwork
  • When a job is disabled by the current profile, it still responds to events, it'll just not actually start. If the system is currently in a state when it can be running, and the profile is changed to one which allows it to be run, it'll start.



Code changes are primarily limited to init/cfgfile.c, init/cfgfile.h, init/main.c and init/job.h

Data preservation and migration

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous behaviour.

Unresolved issues

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