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Jobs currently do not especially care what is in their environment, provided by start events or commands. This specification proposes allowing a job to require certain variables in the environment before it can start.


Now that the environment is fixed for an instance, and used by Upstart itself as well as the process, it would be useful to be able to rely on the existance of certain variables before starting the job; providing a useful error message if they aren't set.

Use cases


This scope of this specification is limited to allowing jobs to specify mandatory variables for their environment and reporting when they are missing to users.




The JobConfig structure would gain an array of required variable names.

When starting a job, we would check this array against the environment against to make sure that all the required variables are set, returning an error if not. If not, an error would be raised and caught to send back to the user.

Data preservation and migration

These changes are backwards compatible with the previous behaviour.

Unresolved issues

Are variables referenced in instance inherently required? The job will fail to start anyway if they're not set, since the expansion will fail and raise an error. We'd have to catch this error and pass it back to the client in order to present the non-cryptic response. The alternative would be to pre-parse the instance stanza to try and figure out what is actually required and what is not, that would be bad.

I think otherwise you'd end up with silly things like:

Assuming that the other uses of environment variables like ["Resources"] error in a similarly useful way when trying to start the job, do we actually need another mandatory field? The job can check things it uses itself on its own.

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