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 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/12/upstart-05-job-lifecycle/|Job|lifecycle]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/16/upstart-05-job-environment/|Job|environment]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/19/upstart-05-job-lifetime/|Job|lifetime]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/27/upstart-05-events/|Events]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/05/01/upstart-05-relationships/|Relationships]]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/12/upstart-05-job-lifecycle/|Job lifecycle]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/16/upstart-05-job-environment/|Job environment]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/19/upstart-05-job-lifetime/|Job lifetime]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/04/27/upstart-05-events/|Events]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2008/05/01/upstart-05-relationships/|Relationships]]
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 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2007/12/07/how-to-and-why-supervise-forking-processes/|How|to (and why) supervise forking processes]]]  * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2007/12/07/how-to-and-why-supervise-forking-processes/|How to (and why) supervise forking processes]]
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 * [[[http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/|The|Upstart Cookbook]]] also has a large amount of up to date information on Upstart.  * [[http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/|The Upstart Cookbook]] also has a large amount of up to date information on Upstart.
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 * [[[http://upstart.ubuntu.com/misc/upstart.pdf|Original|specification]]]
 * [[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReplacementInitDiscussion|UDS|Paris discussion spec]]]
 * [[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReplacementInit|Ubuntu|Edgy Eft spec]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2006/08/26/upstart-in-universe/|Upstart|in Universe blog post]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/2006/09/01/upstart-can-now-replace-sysvinit/|Upstart|can now replace sysvinit blog post]]]
 * [[[http://www.netsplit.com/blog/articles/2006/12/14/upstart-0-3|Upstart|0.3 blog post]]]
 * [[http://upstart.ubuntu.com/misc/upstart.pdf|Original specification]]
 * [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReplacementInitDiscussion|UDS|Paris discussion spec]]
 * [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReplacementInit|Ubuntu|Edgy Eft spec]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2006/08/26/upstart-in-universe/|Upstart in Universe blog post]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/2006/09/01/upstart-can-now-replace-sysvinit/|Upstart can now replace sysvinit blog post]]
 * [[http://www.netsplit.com/blog/articles/2006/12/14/upstart-0-3|Upstart 0.3 blog post]]

Upstart Wiki

Welcome to the upstart wiki, this wiki is intended as a resource for the upstart developer and user community collecting both specifications and user-contributed documentation.

Note that this wiki is not currently being maintained. For the time being, please consider looking at the Upstart Cookbook instead:

Upstart on Other Distributions

Man Pages Have Up-to-date Documentation

If you have Upstart installed in your distro, check man 5 init for detailed info on init daemon job configuration file, stanzas and environment variables that are available. An overview of all of the available manual pages on Upstart can be found with man upstart


Plans may be useless, but planning can be very useful indeed. Any major changes to upstart first need to be written down in the form of a specification, and discussed until a consensus or decision is reached. This process allows us to get all our thoughts in order and figure out any problems before we actually implement them.

Specifications should be registered at https://launchpad.net/products/upstart/+specs, the URL of the specification should point to a page on this wiki created with the SpecTemplate template.


This wiki also collects user-contributed documentation for upstart. Feel free to create a page, and ensure that it's linked to CategoryDoc for it to appear in the list below.

Upstart 0.5 blog series

At the time of writing, the best introduction to upstart is from the blog series on version 0.5, which saw a significant rewrite.

See also this earlier post for details on process supervision

The Upstart Cookbook

Original Specifications

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