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Are you familiar about'''''' [[http://blazinglogs.blazingglass.com/| fireplace logs ]]? If you are still unaware of it, you can do a research. you have to read some articles that discuss topics about '''fireplace logs'''. These fireplace '''logs '''actually mimic the look of wood but requires little maintenance.


There are some facts about '''[[http://blazinglogs.blazingglass.com/|gas logs]]'''that you need to consider. The '''logs '''are cast from molds of real woods, which are styled to look like split or whole log stacks. They come in colors that stay true to the look of woods.Each gas log features the typical ax marks, knots, branch stubs and bark texture you would expect to see on real pieces of firewood. A bed of bright glowing embers and coals adds authenticity to '''gas log''' sets.Yellow flame logs produce a very realistic and attractive fire, and will often be mistaken for a real wood fire. Blue flame logs burn hotter and cleaner, but they are generally not as attractive as the yellow flame.