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The following is the recommended practice for event naming:

  • Name your events in lower case:
  • Separate multiple words with dashes (-), not underscores:

  • If you wish to namespace events, use a period (.):

  • System-level namespacing will use a forward slash (/):

  • Use arguments for information that is normally used to filter the event. First argument should be the most related to the event:
    network-device-added eth0
    path-mounted /usr hda1
  • Use environment variables for incidental information, to save the job having to look it up:
    network-device-added eth0
  • Environment variables are all capitals, words separated by underscores (_) and usually share a common prefix.

  • Document your event in a manpage. Give the arguments and environment, and describe when the event is issued and what it means.

-- CategoryDoc

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