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== Previous agreement ==

See ["/Signed"] for signatories of the previous agreement.
See ["/Signed"] for current signatories.

The authoritative text for this process can be found at http://www.canonical.com/contributors.

In Canonical-sponsored free software projects (where Canonical is the copyright holder), we ask contributors to send us a contributor agreement form by email. This protects ourselves and the project, by maintaining a consistent legal status for the project's code.

In the agreement, the contributor assigns copyright to Canonical, and Canonical simultaneously grants the contributor a very broad license back, so that the contributor retains full rights to re-use, distribute, and continue modifying the contributed code.

We've tried to keep the agreement as simple and comprehensible as possible. It's one page long and should be easy to understand:

How to submit it by email:

  1. Attach the Contributor Agreement PDF to an email. The body of the email should state: "I accept the Canonical Contributor Agreement attached." At the end of the email, please type your full name.
  2. Send the email to scott@canonical.com and Cc to contributor-agreement@canonical.com.

Thank you. If you have any questions, please send them to the appropriate coordinator below.

See ["/Signed"] for current signatories.

-- CategoryDoc

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