This is a short guide on building the latest development version of Upstart:

1. Get the code. Libnih is a utility library used by Upstart.

$ bzr branch lp:libnih
$ bzr branch lp:upstart

2. Configure and build libnih

$ cd libnih/
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure
$ make

3. Configure and build Upstart

$ cd ../upstart
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --with-local-libnih=../libnih
$ make

Make sure to read upstart/HACKING to satisfy build dependencies.

You may need to include the libnih m4 file in your upstart checkout, or update that copied in from the system; if your build fails, try:

$ cp ../libnih/m4/libnih.m4 m4
$ autoconf

Distributions will likely have a separate package of libnih available, e.g. as libnih-dev or nih-devel, etc. If you install this package, you only need to configure and build Upstart as normal; though beware that trunk may need the very latest version of libnih, or even an unreleased version.

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